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Updated May 8, 2007

This database limited to dogs in competition. We CANNOT list all pet puppies at this time. But if your dog is working in the field, in any of the dog sports or in conformation, (especially if you have bred or plan to breed it) we'll try to put it in. CORRECTIONS AND ADDITIONS:
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Traits will not disappear by themselves. Nature will not save us because natural selection has nothing to do with dog breeding. Dog breeders in general need to face genetic defects as a realistic part of the problems encountered in the process of producing good sound animals.
--Dr. George A. Padgett, DVM

The biggest improvement in Springers will come only when we have an open registry and free exchange of information. Check the hips and eyes registered at OFA. Read about the Canine Genetic Diseases Registry at the University of Missouri, and add your dog to the study. If you've sent in a blood or tissue sample through the ESSFTA sponsored study, you can find the forms on the CGDR site to order results for the PRA test, just announced on April 20, 2007.

STOP AND THINK before you breed. Then STUDY.

Follow the ESSFTA's Guidelines for Responsible Breeders

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If you want to share your OWN data base in these or other formats, send a copy with information about the program you are using (especially the web address for the program), and we'll upload it with credit to you.

We feel strongly that the biggest improvement in Springers will come only when we have an open registry and free exchange of information. Dr. Padgett says that EVERY DOG carries at least four genetic faults. Being forthcoming about your Springer will help the breed as a whole.

If YOU feel the same, do your part. Cerf your dog's eyes, X-ray your dog's hips and elbows, and register them both. Check the OFA box that says you'll allow them to publish the information whether your dog's hips pass or not. (That information is printed in RED on the OFA site.) Check for PFK and Fucosidosis. You can now send in your Springer's blood and check for PRA.

Breed only dogs that have phenotypically clear eyes and normal hips and elbows, as well as excellent temperament and conformation. Follow the ESSFTA's guidelines for responsible breeders, whether you're a member or not.


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